All of the specialized medical equipment we use at Deep Creek Eye Care is designed to make your experience better. Without adding needless bells and whistles, our advanced technology makes exams faster and more accurate. We are able to give you a more precise prescription and a custom fit for your eyewear. By speeding up the exam process and making your appointment more efficient, we have more time to allow for the personal level of care you’ve come to expect from Dr. Radish the staff at Deep Creek Eye Care.

Zeiss i.Terminal

The Zeiss i.Terminal allows us to make fully custom eyewear, unique to your eyes and face. It can measure and record various parameters in just 60 seconds. It is faster and easier than ever for our eye care professionals to review the results and get started helping you create your perfect pair of eyewear. How a lens fits your eyes will play a big role in maximizing your comfort. Using the i Terminal helps ensure that the process is convenient and accurate for optimum fit!

Zeiss i.Profiler

The i.Profiler is an auto-refractor that performs wavefront analysis to see distortions in your eyes. It is a compact system that is fully-automated and easy to use with an adjustable rest to be sure you can sit comfortably. Both eyes can be measured in about 60 seconds. The measurements that it provides can help us get you better night vision, a clearer prescription, and more. The technology combines an ocular wavefront aberrometer, autorefractometer, ATLAS corneal topographer, and keratometer. We analyze your refractive power distribution across the entire pupil.

Visuphor Automated Phoropter

The Visiphor Automated Phoropter combines the elements of vision testing charts and a phoropter into a smart system that makes your exam easier. This automated phoropter helps us reduce stress, and the added visual testing features help us get your most accurate prescription.


Tearlab is an objective, quantitative diagnostic test that gives us precise information to diagnose dry eye disease. This system measures the osmolarity of tears to aid us in making a diagnosis of dry eye disease with other evaluation methods.


InflammaDry is a rapid, in-office test that can detect MMP-9. This substance is a marker of inflammation that can be an indicator of dry eye disease if elevated levels are discovered. Because of our specialization in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, we use this advanced test as one of many tools to ensure a proper diagnosis.

Optos Daytona

Daytona is an advanced imaging system that captures image information through the pupils. Though it is complex and sophisticated technology, the purpose of this kind of imaging is simply to provide optimal patient comfort. Retinal imaging takes photos of the inside of the eye to help Dr. Radish assess the health of your retina. He can view symptoms including signs of glaucoma, diabetes, and macular degeneration. By having this as one of the tools available for medical eye exams, Dr. Radish can detect retinal disorders quickly and accurately to potentially treat and prevent the progression of an eye disease.